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Leverage Leg Press


  • Remanufactured Price:$2495.00
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The Leverage Leg Press enables exercisers to target their glutes and quads. The plate-loaded weight adjustment allows for a wide variety of progression and customization. This machine is perfect for strength exercisers looking to test their boundaries beyond the selectorized leg press, and develop their training capabilities.

Accurate biomechanical movements and high-level durability are crucial to our manufacturing process. We engineer our power leverage line using top quality materials including commercial grade steel. This stead-fast commitment to product standards means our equipment will last over the long term yet need minimal maintenance. The entire plate-loaded range can endure even the roughest training environments and tough usage.

Pre-start lever allows user to start leg presses in the extended position

Pivoting, large Leg Press platform keeps feet in comfortable position

Very deep travel for full leg and glute muscles development

Pillow block bearings ensure smooth leg pressing motion

60” L x 80” W x 57” H, 363 lb

145 cm x 158 cm x 173 cm, 165 kg

Weight: 363 lbs.