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    Get the same workout and same reliability as the revolutionary Jacobs Ladder climbing cardio machine, yet designed for the home or small commercial environment – at a lower price. We took Jacobs Ladder and made 4 changes:

    1. Width: Jacobs Ladder 2 is 27.25” wide to fit inside most interior doors in a home.

    2. Rung Design: Jacobs Ladder 2 features a steel rung with polyurethane sleeve.

    3. Power: The cardio workout remains self-powered. However, Jacobs Ladder 2 needs to be plugged in (110V) to operate the digital display.

    4. Warranty: Jacobs Ladder 2 carries a 2 Year Parts Warranty.

    Frame: Welded Tubular Steel
    Width: 30.5”
    Length: 54”
    Height: 75.5”
    Weight: 300 lbs
    Stairs: Steel with Polyvinyl Tread
    Case: ABS Plastic
    Handle: Powder-coated Steel Tube
    Power: Self-Powered
    Ceiling Hgt Req: 8.5’
    Digital Readouts: Elapsed Time, Steps Climbed,
    Rate (Steps/min), Calorie Burn, Heart Rate (wireless)
    Warranty: 4 Years Parts / 1 Year Labor